Disney vs deadmau5: A video on everything you need to know!

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Deadmau5 the most talked about EDM producer/DJ was held up after Disney formally opposed the dance music superstar’s application to trademark his signature “mau5-head” logo in the United States. Well Disney should’ve known what they were up against as Deadmau5 did not take this move by Disney lightly and shot back at the entertainment giant with some legal papers of his own, alleging that Disney violated copyright laws by using one of his tracks without permission in an online video. tweet2


The letter claims Disney Interactive used one of deadmau5’s songs — “Ghosts and Stuff” — in a video featuring Mickey Mouse along with other Disney characters. The video is called “Ghosts and Stuff Re-Micks.”


Well here’s a parody as to why Disney is trying to get in Deadmau5’s way!



The problem, according to deadmau5 and his lawyers? Disney didn’t license the track from him or his record labels or publisher.




A popular news paper stated that “Not only is Disney violating the rights of Zimmerman, but it is also infringing upon the rights of EMI Music Publishing Limited, Virgin Records Limited and Ultra Records, LLC,” reads a cease-and-desist order from deadmau5’s lawyer, Dina LaPolt. Additionally, by using deadmau5’s name next to the video, the letter argues, Disney has implied “a non-existent endorsement by Zimmerman.” It asks that the video be removed from the site within two business days. While Disney claimed that the music was appropriately licensed and that there is no merit in Joel’s statement.

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Disney vs deadmau5:


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