Ultra Music Festival Introduces Age Policy


Ultra Music Festival , One of the worlds biggest dance music festival that takes place every year has decided to introduce an age restriction for their festivals.

Yes , you heard that right , there was no age restriction for the past festivals. Anyone (with a ticket) who was of any age could enter the festival! Realising that some action was to be taken, Ultra Organizers released a statement saying:

“While we sincerely value the incredible ongoing support from our younger fans, we ultimately believe that Ultra Music Festival is a premium event geared towards adults. This decision has been made to reinforce and promote the safety of all Ultra Music Festival fans and to ensure the overall enjoyment of all future attendees. We are extremely grateful for all the support we have received from our younger fan base to date and we encourage them to attend the festival once they reach the appropriate age. Until then, our free YouTube stream ‘ULTRA LIVE’ is available worldwide for everyone, all ages to enjoy and to share in the Ultra experience.” 

The Miami edition of Ultra last year had seen a disastrous case of fans gone wild. A security officer had been trampled by fans who were trying to enter the festival on the third day without tickets. The officer suffered a broken leg and brain hemorrhage. There has been an outrage by the citizens of Miami and the Mayor of Miami Tomas Regalado said he will do everything in his power to ensure Ultra does not return to Downtown Miami. 

Thankfully , Music Festivals in India have a 18+ age restriction to ensure safety and see to it that the event takes place smoothly and minors don’t get a negative exposure.


Written by Ashvij Vaidya

21 Years, Electronic Dance Music Fan, Gamer, Tech Geek and Foodie. Dedicate my free time for creating music and food.

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