Tomorrowland in India?

India seems like the next place where TomorrowLand is headed. Here is our take on it.

Tomorrowland is going places!
Tomorrowland is going places!

After the huge 10 year anniversary celebration this year, an announcement that they’re headed to Brazil and since their introduction of TomorrowWorld last year, ID&T (The organisers of Tomorrowland) have always kept press spotlight.

Update: Experience Tomorrowland in India with Sunburn

Another rumor suggests that India may be next! Tomorrow Land possibly falls short when it comes to “World Domination” because Ultra has announced it’s festivals in more than ten countries and EDC has been going strong domestically (In the US). But that doesn’t stop the hundreds of thousands of people who like to embrace madness in the little town of Boom, Belgium. The festival’s growth in popularity is among the many reasons as to why it may be heading out to different continents.

In an excerpt of the interview with Deccan Chronicle, a person from the industry stated

The live performances wing of Universal Music India will be bringing the feted Tomorrowland experience to India. India has emerged as a major EDM destination after Sunburn and it’s no surprise that there is international attention on the scene here. Universal is looking to expand its live music space in India and there can be nothing bigger than Tomorrowland to do it for them. It’ll be the biggest event in the country’s growing music calendar.

Universal Music’s India head Devraj Sanyal said the following

We’re neither confirming, nor denying that we’re doing Tomorrowland… or other projects for that matter. We’re currently ironing out some details of a project we’re working on and will make an announcement when the time is right… probably in October. We’ve consolidated on our merchandise business as well as non-label ones, so intellectual property will be a major part of our focus now.

While all in all, we are happy to know TomorrowLand MAY BE on it’s way here, here is very rational take on it!

The Positives: Bragging rights, More of our favorite big (and not so big) artists come to play, a much bigger dance music gathering than we have experienced before, influx of more tourists, a chance for more Indian talent to be recognized and of course EDM will cement its place in India should Tomorrowland finally make inroads here.

The Negatives: Sunburn may lose it’s charm and India’s own music festivals’ identity will be cannibalised, there’s going to be a bandwagon effect, people who don’t appreciate the music will come just to say “We went to tomorrowland”, and that’s a bad thing because they don’t enjoy the true festival madness that a true raver experiences. Lastly, we think the event will fall flat on it’s face because a lot of ravers religiously travel to the main festival in Boom, having a festival in India may (highly likely according to us) reduce Indian participation in the main festival.

Watch out for news on this over the coming weeks! We hope (and hope like mad) that Tomorrow Land’s Indian edition isn’t criticised as much as Tomorrow World.

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