TAP WATER CHALLENGE: Free Water at festivals a must in Netherlands



TAP WATER CHALLENGE: Free Water a must for festival licences in Netherlands

A recent article on DutchNews.nl made quite the headline world-wide where a bill was passed to ensure that fests got their licences only if they satisfied the minimum people-to-tap ratio of 150!

In our opinion, the authorities have made the right move in enforcing this necessity. This will definitely appease tired and often dehydrated event attenders who more often than not, are ready to endure the heat and near-claustrophobic conditions to catch a glimpse of their favorite DJ’s (or maybe the DJ’s could resort to throwing water bottles at the crowd to garner a healthy crowd besides their stages 😛 )

Will the Indian EDM festivals follow the TAP-WATER-CHALLENGE? Only time will tell!

Source: http://www.dutchnews.nl/news/archives/2014/08/free_water_a_condition_for_fes.php

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Written by Mevlon Teles

Mevlon is a dual degree graduate from BITS Pilani who loves writing about & listening to Electronic Dance Music (EDM).

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