Dillon Francis attacked in New Orleans!

The 26 year old American Music Producer was recently attacked at the MAD Decent Block Party in New Orleans. Its very shocking to hear that one of the fans at the party had the audacity to fling a RC Cola can at Dillon Francis while he was playing to the crowd. This made Dillon to stop his set 30 minutes earlier to get stitches at a  nearby hospital. Deadmau5 took to advising Dillion by asking him to get a mousehead asap.

dillion francis Cola

Here are the tweets which followed the attack:





deadmau5 advising Dillon:


Stay Tuned for more:

Written by Viresh Vazirani

Managing Editor of EDMofy & Founder of Growth Gravy - a Growth Hacking Startup based in Goa. Viresh is an NIT Goa Alumnus.

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