Ferry Corsten feat. Nat Dunn – Hyper Love

ferry corsten

With his latest new track ‘Hyper Love’ ,Ferry Corsten has proved once again that he’s very well capable of dominating not just the trance charts but also provide some serious competition in the prog-house arena as well. This song debuted just a few days ago in his ‘Full on Ibiza’ residency at Space. Since then, there’s been no stopping to the avalanche effect caused by this track.

Aided by the melodious vocals of Nat Dunn from Brisbane, Australia; this track has a beautiful, rhythmic progressive vibe about it that makes you hit the play button on and on. This track has been produced under the ‘Flashover Recordings‘, Corsten’s own Recording Label.

Speaking out about his new track, Ferry explains “I’m always very open minded when working on new track. I’ve always been a huge fan of the UK piano break beat sound. When working on ‘Hyper Love’ I could hear how this would fit the song. When Nat Dunn came up with the lyrics I immediately knew I wanted to take it in a more radio friendly direction.”

With Ferry Corsten set to hit India in December along with his new partner-in-crime, Markus Schulz (New World Punx), the anticipation is set to hit  fever-pitch!

Ferry Corsten feat. Nat Dunn – Hyper Love:

Keep tuned for further updates on his tour!

Written by Mevlon Teles

Mevlon is a dual degree graduate from BITS Pilani who loves writing about & listening to Electronic Dance Music (EDM).

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