Alesso’s new track Heroes!

Alesso is coming back, with arguably his best work ever. We say this with every new release because he outdoes himself every time!

The song was premiered at the 10th anniversary of Tomorrowland, it is yet to be released but we were able to get a premiere of it on Pete Tong‘s BBC 1 Radio.
The song has been given the name “Heroes” and it is for all the right reasons. It isn’t yet confirmed but our best bet is that the beautiful vocals that breathe life into the song are by Swedish singer Tove Lo.

The Swedish singer’s songs are favorites to be remixed, but here is her finest, almost hypnotic work, with Alesso’s melody. The classically trained musician in Alesso shines through with this track, Heroes is probably where classical music can find a balance with bass. What amazes us most is the fact that every time the man comes out with a track, it is better than his last. From hit singles like Clash to Years to Under Control to Tear the Roof Up and now finally Heroes, you may have your personal favorites from his arsenal of songs, but we can all agree his growth with every track is not just noticeable, but also remarkable!

Alesso is the world’s 13th best DJ if you go by the DJ mag top 100 list of 2013, but with hits like these already delivered and the ones yet to come, we can easily see him break into the top 10, or at least maintain where he is right now.

Most importantly, what we love more about the man is that the “need” for commercialization hasn’t gotten to him yet, he makes music he likes, with the intention of sharing his passion with the world, it isn’t random notes punched onto your DAW, it is his music, for his fans, for the purpose of sharing an emotional connect. This one is out soon, but the one that follows will be even bigger and better, or so we believe, given the way he is going!

Listen here:

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