Paris Hilton makes more $$ than the prominent DJs!

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Paris Hilton’s name is not likely to cross your mind when you’re thinking of EDM artists and DJs, but it seems to us that the American hotel chain heiress learnt a lot about the business from her ex-boyfriend Afrojack.

Ever since  Hilton’s music career kicked off in the early 2013, her pay has kept on rising, reaching a whopping $350k for every hour of ‘play’. It was only last December when she bragged herself to be, *among the top five DJs in the world* and now it looks as if she wants to prove herself right in terms of pay per set.

She was paid a whooping $2.7m for 4 nights of DJing at the exclusive Eden Plage Beach Club in St. Tropez, France. Given that she does 9 more such events, she can even surpass Deadmau5, who was number 5 on Forbes’ List of highest earning DJs of 2013. Also, considering the pay per hour she has charged for this tour, she outdoes the likes of Tiesto, Steve Aoki, and Afrojack as well.

However, being one of those “press play and pose” EDM artists, we don’t think she will ever be able to fetch a positive critical acclaim. She has earlier faced heavy criticism from Deadmau5 and Samantha Ronson over this issue, but it has had no affect on her career. This commercial success of Paris Hilton also reminds us of DJ Snoopadelic a.k.a. Snoop Dogg’s DJ run which has got him a lot of money! In the aftermath, we wonder if the path is to be a DJ first, then be successful and ultimately be a celebrity, OR to be a successful celebrity turned DJ.

We leave you with a video of Paris Hilton’s performance, which -we believe- sums up her DJ skills.

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