Skrillex : New video, a tour and an upcoming mixtape

Skrillex has been in the news lately. Not for one or two, but three things. As the poster boy of mainstream Dubstep music, he dropped in the official video and announced the upcoming tour, we feel the requisite need to compliment Skrill for keeping himself busy and raving as ever.

It has only been a week since he wound up with his headlining set of the 3 day jam at Lollapalooza last week. Not even a month has passed since his astounding Mothership Tour and the Recess after-party tour list has another tour named on it.

The megastar producer and DJ will star in a fall tour which will feature 27 concerts all across USA. The tour, which kicks off on the 26th of September at the Mansion in Miami, will feature various supporting acts from several of his Mothership tour-mates like DJ Snake, Big Gigantic, GTA, DJ Mustard and his Wild for the Night sidekick A$AP. The tour will wind up with the last sets being played at the city of rave- Las Vegas on the 2nd of November.

Apart from the whole news about the tour, Skrillex also dropped the Official Music Video for his first single of his last album Recess, ‘Try It Out’.

The exceptional track which stood out in the full length album, featuring Alvin Risk, has been set up in Skrillex’s dreams while Alvin and Skrillex are travelling to what appears to be a venue. They visit the dark club struck by a series haunting clowns, and finally attacked by ATF agents and a boy who’s probably portraying Napoleon. We’ve got the link to the video down below, so watch it yourself and figure out what Skrillex had to dream.

But wait, we’re not done yet. We’ve got another news. Diplo, the other half of the underground music duo Jack U apart from Skrillex, has announced in one of his Reddit AMA answers that the two will soon come out with a Mixtape. YES! They’ve finally got time and music for their side project. This was called for, ever since the much talked about duo was revealed.

A music video, an upcoming tour and a much awaited forthcoming mix-tape for the duo Jack U- all this from Skrillex…within a week… can we ask for more?
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