Sellouts in the EDM Scene

Have you ever wondered what a sellout is? Heard about tracks like #Selfie by The Chainsmokers which made them sellouts overnight getting Sony/ATV and Republic records to sign deals with them worth $1 million each. But what actually is being a sellout? Well if you go by the technical definition, it is the betrayal of one’s principles for reasons of expedience. It actually means that a person goes on to make music to appeal to the masses by exploiting a trending issue or something that the public wants. The person doesn’t make the music he loves but makes stuff that the label demands for monetary purposes. For instance, The Chainsmokers showed up on American Idol which is actually a singing show and has got nothing to do with the EDM scene. Yet, these two dudes come up on stage and just push the play button and play the prerecorded song of #Selfie. Similarly, there is this new artist who is coming up in this whole scene by the name Aiden Jude who is probably the son of highly influential parents and some entertainment company is trying to push him into the whole EDM scene, trying to make his a sellout by using his age as a manipulative factor. This is not just what we feel, Popular trap artist DJ Ravine has made a video of these various sellouts explaining the concept of being a sellout in the EDM industry and voices his opinion on the same along with comments from world famous producers such as Mat Zo, Porter Robinson and of course the biggest of all EDM critics Deadmau5. But, at the same time we must not forget artists like Madeon who inspite of having an age advantage make such amazing music without being sellouts. The money just comes on the way of making good music which is a better way. Watch this video by DJ Ravine here, we bet you’ll find it hilarious:

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