Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike : Mammoth (Official Vocal Mix)



Any EDM-thirsty fan would have heard one of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mikes greatest hits: “Mammoth” by now. This track proved to be an instant hit with its amazing melody and heavy bass drop ! As with many of the hit instrumental songs , “Mammoth” has also been given a vocal re-do, and personally, we feel this has got to be one of the biggest disasters in the EDM industry.

The vocals don’t match the vibe of the song , the lyrics make no sense and the music video has no relation to the song what-so-ever. Being one of the most talented artists and performers out there , we feel that DV & LM should have given this more time and consideration as a really great song with amazing vocal potential has been wasted.


Alternatively, an unofficial vocal version by Macrosound had been released some time back , which seems to be a bit of an improvement over the official version.

Listen to the official and the unofficial versions and tell us what you think :


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Written by Ashvij Vaidya

21 Years, Electronic Dance Music Fan, Gamer, Tech Geek and Foodie. Dedicate my free time for creating music and food.

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