WE5 revives Pikachu! Pika Pika!

We have all heard of the super popular Japanese video game giants Nintendo’s TV/Video Game series “Pokemon” where cute little creatures with powers battle for their owners.
Well, now there’s a song inspired by the cutest creature of the series, a little yellow mouse like thing with powers based around electricity that goes by the name of Pikachu. Gotta love this chubby rodent.

WE5, a less known artist but one we’ll surely watch out for has made a song of the same name: “Pikachu” and you’ve simply “gotta catch” this one! It’s an irresistible innovative work of art that you must have! It’s got the same playful and nostalgic sound from the TV/Videogame series which 90’s kids might recall. It got us excited just because of that to begin with. Thank you WE5 for having done this

He’s surely going to listen to it! Pika Pika =D

Pikachu would surely be happy to have a song such as this one dedicated to him, it’s playful, up tempo and isn’t a “banger”, it’s one of those songs to play when chilling, or when you want to surprise your friends with that “awesome new track you heard from EDMofy”, yes readers, this is that track.

It’s a trip of it’s own if we can explicitly say so. Here’s your chance to be a Pokemon master, grab this FREE DOWNLOAD (you read that right, it’s a free download) now!

It’d be funny to see him come out with tracks named “Bulbasaur”, “Squirtle”, “Charmander” next should he decide to do so!

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