This song will breathe “New Life” into you

New Life” is the name given to the upcoming release from Nicky Romero‘s Protocol Recordings. Bobby Rock and Cimo Fränkel have teamed up to breathe new life into you. Cimo’s voice will meet Bobby’s melodies to give you nothing but magic.
As per the vocals, the idea behind this track is to inspire people, and to make them celebrate life. At EDMofy, we believe that’s something worth fighting for, a shot at happiness is everyone’s right.

We can easily imagine people being inspired by this song, to do (or at least try) something  that makes them happy. This release won’t be just a song, it will be a phenomenon, with a drop that brims with happiness, it is going to rise up to the level of an EDM anthem.

Here’s a preview of the track “New Life” by Bobby Rock and Cimo Fränkel, it’s the 20th (PR020) release of Protocol Recordings scheduled to be fully released on June 30th.


“We are here to celebrate” suggest the lyrics, do you even need another reason to buy this song?