Why Candice Redding took to DJ-ing in India from Modelling & more!

Candice Redding 
broke free when she based herself around Asia, with sounds of groovy based trendy house and branching into other genre’s such as Electro House, Progressive, Deep Techno house and Techno. Having recently played in Goa at the Axe Boat Party which was one of the most awaited parties, we caught up with Candice for a quick interview!


Team EDMofy: How hard is it to be a female DJ in a male dominating Industry?
Candice Redding: 
Well.. It has its pros and cons. Being amongst the few females, I am very inspired and driven to constantly ‘up my game’. Theres a lot of pressure and it feels good.


Team EDMofy: Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Candice Redding: I believe inspiration can be drawn from just about anything. And this holds true in my case. But my biggest and constant source of inspiration is – people. Seeing people dance, smile, laugh and knowing that I can contribute to their happiness through my music and my work is what always drives me to excel in life.


Team EDMofy: How did you transform from being a model/singer to being a DJ?
Candice Redding: Musics always been a part of my life. I began with singing when I was 8 years old.. I trained in opera and classical western singing. But DJ-ing was something I thought about around the age of 13.

I used to party a lot when I was younger. One of the shows I attended that really got me thinking was Armin Van Buurean at Godskitchen, South Africa. I was amongst the crowd that was captivated by his brilliance. To have the power to touch so many lives and create so many smiles – I knew at that moment that this was something I wanted to do.


Team EDMofy: What made you start your own music company, MET Entertainment ?
Candice Redding: The passion and drive for business. The ability to captivate many minds through different forms of entertainment and add a WOW factor to everything.


Team EDMofy: What are you thoughts about India?
Candice Redding: India is home to me. People are extremely warm and welcoming. They’ve supported me from the beginning and that is how I have been able to get where I am in my life. The music scene here is very different from SA though. SA is more underground and cliché. It is very narrow minded with genres. India on the contrary is advancing. People are embracing everything with open arms instead of shutting it away. Its a beautiful thing to see.


Team EDMofy: It is said that your true love is Tech house and Techno. Why?
Candice Redding: I love the groovy tunes and dirty basslines.


Team EDMofy: Is there anything particular that generally annoys you during your gigs?
Candice Redding: Drinks on the console… And the all time favourite song requests.. haha


Team EDMofy: Are we going to see any new work soon? Anything you are looking forward to in the future?
Candice Redding: I’m finally taking out time to get back into production. Also adding certain elements to my shows. Keep tuned. You’ll see developments in the coming months.


Team EDMofy: Describe your experience of playing at the AXE BOAT PARTY!
Candice Redding: The Axe Boat Party was AWESOME. Ive heard about Axe’s parties across the world including Cannes and I feel very privileged to have been hand picked to headline the debut edition in India. I got to showcase both sides of my sound in 1 set – both of which were extremely well received by the audience. Gorgeous Setting.  Beautiful People. Killer Vibe. Fantastic Energy.




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