Revealing Indian Talent: Shiv Magotra

India has got so much budding talent, it’s hard to NOT notice. And Shiv Magotra, a homegrown producer from Jammu (Jammu and Kashmir) has been finally discovered by international record labels like Nightline Records, Dale Recordings and now Golden Panther Records. Shiv started his journey about 4 years ago when he was in school! Now he’s in college and has 3 tracks signed to labels abroad. If the question, “How?” comes to your mind, we think its Dedication, Passion for the art, and willingness to take risks that has enabled Shiv to get recognised. He feels keeps a track on the various opportunities on Wavo, where renowned labels and Artists frequently post competitions!

The way Shiv Magotra sees it, there’s only one place to go from here, UP! And that is exactly what he intends on doing, currently in Mumbai, Shiv likes to produce music and network, and when he isn’t doing what he does best, he likes to hit the gym. His average “play count” on Soundcloud is approximately 1,3k!

Like any other DJ/Producer, his dream is to play at TomorrowLand, one of the world’s greatest and most recognized dance music event. India is going to find itself on the international EDM map soon enough thanks to all these upcoming artists, listen to Shiv Magotra’s music here!

Don’t just take our word for it (though you know it’s true), here is Dakota, Shiv’s latest production. Dakota has that dark, Arabic underground vibe to it which will get your feet off the ground in no time!

His other popular tracks include, “Insanity” and a very energetic remix of Borgeous’ smash hit “Invincible”

The Artist has re-branded himself as ‘Shivv

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