Calvin Harris – CUBA

EDM Artists have been leaving their comfort zone and venturing into new genres , from Avicii’s Folktronic Tracks to Skrillex’s genre defining album, artists around the world have been getting creative in order to produce something different.

Calvin Harris has been no exception. With Big room EDM gaining mass popularity , Calvin Harris , who would otherwise produce Vocal Dance-Pop tracks , has released his new single – C.U.B.A, which essentially comes under the Big Room Genre. With a Slow intro , Fast Build Up and a Heavy Bass Drop, C.U.B.A has an uplifting feeling and is perfect for Party , Club and Festival Environments .

Calvin Harris CUBA :

Written by Ashvij Vaidya

21 Years, Electronic Dance Music Fan, Gamer, Tech Geek and Foodie. Dedicate my free time for creating music and food.