Clarity, clearly given a new twist.

Zedd and Foxes came out with ‘Clarity’ quite some time ago, the chart topping hit found it’s way on to dance floors, and mostly, to people’s hearts because of the dewey, melancholic vocals. Needless to say it has been extensively remixed too!

On our quest to find the best in EDM, we have revisited this old classic. Except, this old classic has been remixed by a new kid on the block, not a professional DJ (yet) but certainly a talented lad, Arjun Malhotra has created a fantastic, and altogether beautiful remix of Clarity with uplifting and emotionally involving melody, and perfect notes on the piano.

We think this track deserves a lot more attention, and even a spot on your iPod playlist; quite clearly for Arjun, dubstep is more than just wobbles and blips and bloops.
Some melodious work right here people, check it out.
Good work Arjun Malhotra, keep ’em rolling.

We’ll be uncovering more Indian talent so keep liking and sharing your tracks with us! =D