Jetfire and Happy Enemies are taking over Brazil


WandW’s Mainstage Music record label has always given us enough to celebrate with, and now, Brazil is the perfect track to get you ready for game-day. On or off the pitch, Brazil will have you raving even after the FIFA World Cup is over!

After already having produced International together, which was released on 6K Records, Brazil is JETFIRE & Happy Enemies‘ latest track set to be released on Mainstage Music on June 23rd. Brimming with energy, it was premiered at Ultra Music Festival in Miami as a part of W&W‘s MASSIVE set, saying that from experience. And that energy is sure to spill over when you and your friends are watching your favorite soccer teams battle it out! With a samba beat to make it sound Brazilian, with synths that evoke nothing but inspiration and awe, and the drop screaming ATTACK in a musical and sporty sense, We believe this track beats the other FIFA World Cup anthems out there!

The World Cup will be over soon but keep an eye out for these talented musicians!

Listen to the preview here!

This one is out on June 23rd!