Workshops on EDM? Surprisingly Sensible!

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If at first I told you let’s conduct a youth workshop on EDM, you would probably react saying “it’s a great idea but an expensive one to implement” or “parents are not supportive enough of their children to pay for such a thing yet”
You might have even been correct, but Sound Avtar (Piyush Bhatnagar) thinks differently and plans on breaking the stereotype! And after pondering over it a little, EDM Workshops for the youth seem surprisingly sensible! He already gives his valuable time to Global DJ academy in Mumbai for this very purpose.

EDM is reportedly a 6 billion dollar industry, that obviously means it’s no joke and lots money goes into making it selling it and putting up memorable experiences for people. The youth, typically categorized between 16 and 25 are the most likely target audience of this field. Ask a 40 year old if he has heard of Swedish House Mafia, by the time he gives you an answer a kid would have named all their songs! Now that shows the power and influence of electronic music!

EDM crowd image
Rays of hope for the future of EDM!

EDM as a genre gets more and more fans everyday, and without a doubt, there’s a lot of people who follow it religiously. EDM gives the “new soundtrack to their life”

Taking this very principle further, Sound Avtar stated to Times of India “It is good to see that there is a lot of awareness about EDM in Vadodara and gigs like these always help. However, I feel that holding regular workshops by renowned DJs, who play at the leading festivals around the world, will go a long way in improving things even further. They can help in creating more awareness and also, in creating more fans for EDM.”

This was after a Sunburn Reload gig in Vadodara, Gujarat. If this music has shook the people of a not-so-big city of India, it is bound to go BOOM! on a larger scale, and we believe that the benefits are multifold.

Here’s how: With so many kids wanting to learn to mix and mash like their favorite pros, DJ academies are coming up, and coming up fast. Given that there is no dearth of talent, appropriate training by workshops can put India on the EDM World Map, probably even in the league of Dutch or Swedish or German DJs!

With HUGE Festivals like Sunburn, and Submerge gigs, Indian talent will have a platform to be exposed, there’s plenty of opportunities if we are willing to rise up to them.

Those interested are more likely to stay interested for longer, if they get to interact with DJs on a level where they’re not just hearing the music, but learning from their idols. It’s like a sneak peek into how a DJ gathers momentum, how he interacts with the crowd etc!
Lastly, this nation is flooded with doctors and engineers, and that isn’t a bad thing, but it’s high time we turn up the creative side! A deeper understanding of the art can go a long way. 

In a nutshell, if you are interested in getting deeper than deep house in this industry, watch out for such workshops and moreover, enroll in a DJ School! Get the basics right so when your favorite DJ comes, you can impress him or her 😉

Original Article by ToI