The Electric Daisies are Blooming!


Yesterday marked the beginning of America’s largest Electronic Dance Music Festival on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Las Vegas, Nevada. Yes! you guessed it right, it’s the electric daisy carnival commonly known as EDC.

Insomniac Event’s EDC Las Vegas is Pasquale Rotella’s brainchild and is the most sought after EDM event in America, boasting a massive lineup of more than 215 artists, it is always an event worth waiting for.
Oddly enough though, ravers can now enjoy as tickets prices have been steadily decreasing but the festival never seems to disappoint and delivers time and time again. This time the tickets went for $370 per person.

Better Rave Hard ’cause he’s watching you!

Yesterday was #day1 at EDCLV and even though I wasn’t personally there, along with thousands of ravers who actually went, EDC helped us live the event via the smartphone app Snapchat.
Simply adding “EDCLive” to one’s Snapchat friend’s list gave them access to live videos and photographs straight from Vegas.
If you aren’t a Snapchat person, now would be a great time to join, or you could just catch up with the buzz on EDC Curated.

Happy first timers, hot girls and guys turn up the heat in already hot Las Vegas as they rage for 3 days, from dusk to dawn, yes dusk to dawn because it starts at 7 in the evening and ends at 6 in the morning!
Catching Diplo, or Dannic and Dyro B2B has never been this intense or memorable.

Why is this not like the other festivals? Because you can ride massive rollercoasters, or because you never thought you could get married here, yes ladies and gentlemen, EDCLV does weddings. But that’s not even close to what blew our minds away. You can arrive and depart in style like many of your favorite DJs, EDC gives you the chance to RIDE A HELICOPTER to the event!
EDC even gives the general population a chance to design EDC Costumes, EDC Stages and a chance to play at EDC if you’re that good.
Surely you’ll remember more than the awesome people you met or the bangers that Blasterjaxx dropped because EDC is the complete package and now you know why.
Here’s our advice: Mark your calendar for June next year and save lots of money for this. You wouldn’t want to miss it.
Still think it’s too good to be true? Check it out for yourself.

EDC Las Vegas

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