HBO’s upcoming EDM comedy ‘Higher’



Back in January, news broke out about HBO’s upcoming Comedy Series based on Electronic Dance Music. Yes that’s right this EDM Comedy series titled “Higher” has been developed up by Top UK DJ Calvin Harris along with actor/singer Will Smith, rapper Jay-Z and actress Jada Pinkett-Smith as executive producers. This half-hour sitcom will be written by the ‘Trainspotting’ famed author, Irvine Welsh. 

In a recent interview with inthemix, Irvine Welsh gave a brief description of the sitcom:

 “It’s a comedy about the rise of a DJ through the world of electronic dance music, from humble origins to becoming a superstar DJ…The idea’s to make it very character-driven as well – you’ve got [touchstones] like Human Traffic and Project X and that kind of territory, and Entourage is another one too; you know, about the people that are around them.”

Source: InTheMix

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