Nicky Romero feat. Anouk – Feet on the Ground

nicky_romero_anouk_feed_on_the_ground_zps1e0af9dd (1)

For all you music buffs out there, keep yourselves tuned on to the latest things happening over at Protocol Recordings because Nicky Romero a la-producer-of-his-own-works, is going to release his latest project with Anouk’s vivaciously sharp voice. He released a preview of the track “Feet On The Ground” for the ears of the lucky audience present at the Miami Ultra Music Festival on March 20, 2014.

Anouk’s crooning voice is in perfect tempo with the wonders that Nicky keeps spewing out with efficient ease. You can keep up with his own weekly radio show, Protocol Radio (Remember EDMofy was the first to tell everyone about it). And of course you guys can all be lazy and keep getting back here at EDMofy for we tell you about all the latest and coolest releases going around in the music sanctuary.

The track is set to be released in the month of June this year.