Hey Brother [Avicii by Avicii] – Music Video



Avicii has been getting very creative lately , and had taken the ambitious initiative of mixing his own “True” album.

When Avicii had released his “True” Album , it had taken the EDM world by surprised as it deviated from the stereotypical EDM music style and had collaborated with other music genres like country and pop.
It definitely proved to be a HUGE success , and now 6 months later , Avicii has remixed songs from his “True” album like “Wake Me Up“, “Addicted To You” & “Hey Brother

Avicii fans got yet another surprise as this album exposed fans to a new style of music, fusing the traditional Avicii style with those of big room EDM and club mixes, aimed at them party go-ers and ravers 😉

Avicii has also been uploading music videos for this album , which mainly consists of animated cartoon characters and features an animated version of Avicii in the end.

He has recently uploaded a music video for his remix of “Hey Brother
Take a look :

Written by Ashvij Vaidya

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