Avicii – Gravity App Review

Avicii – Gravity is an App made by developer U-apps, available for free on both iOS and Android platforms. It features songs from his “True” album & being a game , it requires the player to collect the small “Avicii” Triangles and the songs progress as the player progresses through the level. The player is given various options to customize his ship with upgrades of all sorts.

The Free version contains three of his most famous hits : “Wake Me Up!”, “Hey Brother” & “You Make Me”. EDM songs consists of many “layers” of tunes, and the one thing we absolutely LOVED about this app is that you get to hear all the layers separately as they build up to make the final song. You may hear some melodies in the beginning which might not sound anywhere near the actual song, but it all makes sense as the song builds up. The game also features an “exclusive” Avicii mix which is unlocked as you play the game. [It progresses based on the time you’ve spent playing the game]


This app only has 3 songs , and one more song which can be purchased.
Songs like “I could be the one” and “levels” do not make an appearance in the game. Its still in an early stage of development, has a few bugs and needs improvement. The upgrades (like many other free games) force you to buy them cause its not easy to get in-game “coins”. Its not very appealing to non-EDM enthusiasts and can get frustrating very quickly and it doesn’t have much of a replay value.


All-in-all , this app is something different , and will undoubtedly prove to be an, enchanting, trance-inducing and addictive experience for EDM/Avicii Lovers. A great concept executed very well, it blends in his songs with perfect synchronization., this app is an absolute pleasure to play and God it feels so good to listen to the instruments play!!

Written by Ashvij Vaidya

21 Years, Electronic Dance Music Fan, Gamer, Tech Geek and Foodie. Dedicate my free time for creating music and food.