Experiment: Does alcohol consumption have any connection with the DJ?

Heineken a Dutch brewing company as part of its campaign, *Dance more, Drink Slow* conducted an experiment with Armin Van Buuren. This comes much as a surprise and shock only because the experiment concludes that people tend to Drink less when the Music is good.

“If music is good, the people hit the dance floor and the more they dance, the slower they drink” – Armin van Buuren.
Such statements coming from AVB are alright, but Heineken itself being a beer company publishing such experiment results as part of their ‘CSR’ is very surprising.

As you will see in the video, the experiment was conducted in one of the clubs of Miami on two different days at the same time. On one day, a mediocre DJ played but as a surprise, Armin Van Burren turned up at the same time on the other day. The drink count was fairly low when AVB was on the DJ console on the second day.

Here is the video:


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