Super Review of Day 5 at VH1 Supersonic

Vh1 Supersonic day 5. This day was bound to be the mother of all the days of this fest. For reasons we all know, day 5 appeared to have the highest turn-out. With the likes of chart-busting acts: Feenixpawl, Above & Beyond and Albin Myers set to headline, it was definitely the ending that the EDM fans deserved.

The Spectrum stage was lit up with with the fiery Electro-House tunes of Beltek which included a never-heard-before remix of ‘Reload‘. Beltek, originally from Slovenia made it large in 2007 when he entered Pete Tong’s producer contest with the track “Copacabana” and won.

Beltek throwing some cool beats at the Spectrum

Next up was aamchi Mumbai’s very own Nawed Khan who also co-produces Chinapa’s weekly “In The Mix Podcast”.  Nawed Khan had just the right ammunition as he belted remixes of the popular tracks like ‘Concrete Angel‘, ‘Apollo‘ and Van Buuren’s mainstream hit,’This Is What It Feels Like“.

With the typical evening breeze settling in,the Sub Sonica stage was host to the Australian Electronica Duo Feenixpawl who rose to fame in 2011 after their epic bootleg of Adele’s ‘Rolling In The Deep‘. Feenixpawl added real gust to the gentle breeze as their bass lines and ‘wait-for-it‘ drops kept the crowd on their toes.The playlist included their chart-topping hits like ‘Universe‘ and ‘In My Mind’.

Feenixpawl playing  at the Sub Sonica

Late in the evening, DJ Pearl, the co-organizer of Supersonic 2013 and who’s reputed for dedicating her tracks to social causes, dished out funky Electro Club tracks and paved way for a beautiful bridge between the House tracks that rocked the house earlier and the melodic Progressive Trance centered tracks that were to be played by Tony McGuiness Of Above & Beyond, later that night.

The last performing act on Spectrum was by the ‘Mighty Mowhawk’, Albin Myers, who’s been putting Sweden in the EDM map for more than just cheesy saw-synth chords. He played his renowned remixes of tracks like ‘Hello‘ and ‘Drop That‘. Seems like the Mowhawk’s not gonna be leaving him anytime soon just like the party-tripping nature of his remixes. Just the perfect dose the crowd needed before Above & Beyond’s performance.

Albin Myers at the Spectrum


The wait had finally ended; this dream had to turn into reality sooner or later.  At 8:00 pm,the entire EDM fraternity around descended upon the sands of Candolim adjacent to the Sub Sonica stage as Above & Beyond‘s set was about to start. How often do you hear tracks in places that are influenced by and named after the place itself?? No marks for guessing, ‘Anjunabeach’ was the the first track played, with it’s euphoric sound captivating the huge crowd.

After the euphoria and melody of the initial tracks centered near the down-tempo range (mostly found in the Anjunadeep Label), Tony McGuiness had a surprise in store for the revelers as he played his yet-to-be-released track, ‘Stereosonic‘ and his latest track, ‘Mariana Trench‘. The beats were gradually catching up as the eerie moon shone bright above the epicenter of a multitude of mad fun. This was just about the perfect moment to listen to yet another classic ‘Sun And Moon‘ as the music video was played in the background. The connection was real as it appeared that invisible wires were controlling the dance steps of the crowd!

Being ‘Breaking Bad’ buffs ourselves, we knew what was coming when the words ‘Walter White’ appeared on screen! Is he a bad guy?  I think we don’t care and the crowd couldn’t care less as the danced to the first-smooth-then-crazy tune just like the character Walter White who was innocent initially and then eventually broke bad.Twas win-win.

Say goodbye to all your friends
Time to leave and go home again
Sanctify and leave behind
Leave behind the sun

To finish the proceedings, one can’t think of a song which has lyrics more apt than ‘On The Beach‘ by OceanLab which is a collaboration by Above & Beyond with the trance vocalist, Justine Suissa.

Tony McGuiness at the Sub Sonica


It was a beautiful mesmerizing down-tempo Progressive Trance track that could melt even the hardest of hearts and the loudest of beats. The fans couldn’t have asked for a better ending!

After the set, Chinapa thanked Tony for having come all the way from his home UK, to which Tony replied beautifully pointing out that Goa is the true home with it’s beaches inspiring the Trance genre of EDM. The final shout-out was made and it was over-whelming indeed. The feeling was yet to sink in.

Let’s see what’s in store for all the EDM enthusiasts on the Goan shores in Dec 2014. Till then, ciao!


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Written by Mevlon Teles

Mevlon is a dual degree graduate from BITS Pilani who loves writing about & listening to Electronic Dance Music (EDM).